At Four Seasons Garage Doors, we service multiple garage doors every week. One of the more common scenarios that we encounter upon arrival is the dreaded off-track door. An off-track door can occur for a variety of reasons and many times can be unavoidable if the circumstances are right. (Or wrong depending on how you look at it) The gets hit accidentally by the car, a spring or cable breaks that you are unaware of, or faulty hardware. However, there is also a very common and preventable reason for an off-track door. A dirty garage! That’s right, you read this correctly. A dirty garage.

Let me explain. In your average garage, you’ll typically find a variety of items being stored. One of the most common items is yard tools. Shovels, rakes, etc. The most common place you see them stored is leaning in the corner to the left and right of the garage door opening. This actually makes sense from a practical standpoint as you can just grab what you need on the way out to do your beloved yard work. The problems manifest when your favorite rake falls into the garage door track unknowingly before you press that magic button to close up for the night. As the door goes down, the wheels jam on the rake handle which causes a chain reaction of unfortunate and potentially dangerous events that leads to an ugly and costly off-track door.

Don’t fall victim to the infamous off-track garage door. Take the necessary preemptive measures to minimize your risk of an off-track door. * May cause irritability, stomach upset, headaches, sore back, excessive sweating, and loss of wages. Kidding. Sort of. However, NEVER try to fix an off-track door. Call a professional! (Preferably us. Four Seasons Garage Doors, 757-652-3682) Garage doors can be extremely heavy and very dangerous