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At Four Seasons Garage Doors, we take pride in providing top-notch garage door services in Williamsburg, VA. With over 390 five-star reviews, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. Whether you need a new garage door installed or are facing issues with your existing one, our team of expert technicians is here to help. We specialize in both garage door installation and repair, as well as garage door opener installation and repair. When you call us, you’ll speak with a knowledgeable and experienced garage door technician. We offer free estimates and strive to provide same day service in most cases. Trust Four Seasons Garage Doors for all your garage door needs!

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Proven Track Record

Four Seasons Garage Doors has been serving happy homeowners across Norfolk VA for several decades.

Same-Day Service

Our garage door experts always aim to install your residential garage doors in a single day with precision and efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Materials

To ensure customer satisfaction, we only use premium products from trusted suppliers.

Award-Winning Company

Four Seasons Garage Doors has received the super service award for multiple years.

24/7 Emergency Service

For any urgent garage door problems, our expert technicians are always available to address them for you!

Free Estimates

Our friendly professionals will give you a free estimate and recommend design options offering the biggest bang for your buck.

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Garage Door Installation Williamsburg VA

We start our garage door installation services by obtaining information about the specific type of door you want. We are here to answer any questions you may have about customization and can even suggest suitable door choices for our coastal area. Our customers have a variety of materials to select from, including steel, aluminum, wood, and vinyl, all catering to different preferences. Steel doors are popular due to their durability and low maintenance needs. Aluminum doors are light-weight and resistant to rust, making them ideal for coastal regions like Williamsburg, VA. Wooden doors provide a timeless and sophisticated look. Vinyl doors are known for being energy-efficient and cost-effective. With our expertise and use of high-quality materials, we guarantee a smooth and efficient garage door installation process for our customers in Williamsburg, VA.

Garage Door Opener Installation Williamsburg VA

Four Seasons Garage Doors, which provides service to Williamsburg, VA specializes in the maintenance and installation of garage door openers. Our exceptional service includes a thorough examination of the existing opener before recommending a replacement. We recognize the significance of a properly functioning garage door opener and conduct a comprehensive inspection to promptly resolve any problems. Our primary concern is the homeowner’s welfare, therefore we only repair openers when it is genuinely required and cost-effective. Should it be more advantageous for you to replace your garage door opener, we will inform you accordingly. Count on us to deliver reliable solutions for all your garage door opener requirements.

Garage Door Repair Williamsburg VA

If you are experiencing difficulties with your garage door, we provide efficient and prompt repair services. We also offer emergency repairs for urgent situations. In several cases, we are able to fix your door on the same day that you reach out to us. It is highly advised to regularly maintain your garage door to ensure optimal functioning. That’s why we offer tune-up services for our valued customers. Our annual tune-ups provide a range of benefits, such as prolonging the lifespan of your garage door, enhancing its performance, minimizing the likelihood of unexpected problems, and improving the safety of your home. With our highly skilled technicians and unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service, you can rely on Four Seasons Garage Doors to keep your garage door in excellent condition.

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Williamsburg VA

Williamsburg, VA is a charming city located in the heart of Virginia. It is known for its rich history and stunning colonial architecture, making it a popular destination for history enthusiasts and tourists alike. Established in 1699, Williamsburg was once the capital of the Virginia Colony and played a significant role in the American Revolution. Today, it is home to the world-renowned Colonial Williamsburg, a living history museum that depicts life in the 18th century. Visitors can explore the historic buildings, interact with costumed interpreters, and witness reenactments of pivotal moments in American history. In addition to its historical attractions, Williamsburg also offers a variety of cultural experiences, world-class golf courses, and beautiful natural landscapes. With its unique blend of history and modern amenities, Williamsburg is a place where the past comes alive and leaves a lasting impression on all who visit.

garage door services in Williamsburg VA


Garage doors can be really diversified, anything from wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. It all depends on the personal preferences of the homeowner. At Four Seasons Garage Doors, we have customization software that will allow you to match exactly what you are looking for at exactly the right costs to your budget. Four Seasons Garage Doors is your home for all your Norfolk VA garage doors.

Our top selling doors are standard short raise panel, white in color.

Garage door removal and disposal is included with any of our new door installations.

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