The typical garage door can often times get forgotten about. Garage door repair and maintenance are usually the least of our priorities when it comes to maintaining our home. Long lost in the daily routine of coming and going. Ok, let’s be honest. All we need to know is, does it go up? Does it go down? Great then. That is until something goes wrong with the garage door and suddenly you are forced to unload all three of your kids along with their finger painting filled Disney’s Frozen backpacks and march them through the front door. Then you realize you can’t take the garbage out in the morning nor get Suzy’s bicycle out so she can ride it after her homework is done. I know what you’re thinking. First-world problem. I get it. Let’s face it though. You work hard for your family, and being able to get in and out of your garage at will, especially on a cold rainy night is a blessing.

Your garage is also a part of the overall investment of your home and garage door repair and maintenance are crucial not only for convenience sake, but also the value of your home. The very best investment you can make to your garage door is getting an annual tune-up. Your garage door has multiple moving parts along with a garage door opener and both require adjustments, replacements, and lubrication. Making all the preventive adjustments to your garage door and opener is a small drop in the bucket compared to the cost to replace a door or opener that crosses over to the proverbial garage door other side prematurely due to neglect. It really is quite simple. Be good to your garage door and it will be good to you. Call the garage door installation professionals at Four Seasons Garage Doors to schedule a tune-up on your door today!