The LiftMaster 87504–267 is LiftMaster‘s latest Premier residential garage door opener. The 87504–267 replaced its predecessor the 8550 WLB in 2021 by adding built-in 360-degree LED lights.

It all comes standard with battery backup, a built-in camera, and WiFi. The battery backup will get you through a temporary power outage and recharge the battery automatically when the power returns.

The built-in camera is integrated into the WiFi system that you can activate through your MyQ mobile phone app. The MyQ app allows you to activate a live camera feed and also open and close your door from anywhere. For instance, let’s say you leave for work and you can’t remember if you closed your garage door. You can pull out your phone, go to your MyQ app and it will tell you if your door is up or down. If it’s up, you press the button and you can close your door from anywhere. Pretty cool!

The 87504–267 is also extremely quiet with a soft start and stop. This makes the opener much easier on your door and also easier on itself.