When the time comes to invest in a new residential garage door, there are many variables to consider when choosing a door. Of course, there is the overall appearance and curb appeal of the door, but with such a wide variety of personal preferences, we will keep the focus on the function and practicality of garage doors. There are three general types of garage doors, which all have a different set of strengths that we will describe to help you choose the garage door that is best for you. If your garage door needs repair, make sure you contact the best garage door repair company in your area.

Non-insulated garage door

The non-insulated garage door is the entry into garage door systems. The number one strength of a non-insulated garage door is its value. You can get a beautiful, new, non-insulated garage door at a great price. The downside is that they are a little noisier than an insulated door and have very few insulating properties.

Vinyl-backed insulated garage door

The vinyl-backed insulated door is the first level of insulated garage door. The vinyl-backed door has polystyrene panels factory installed on the inside of the garage door. Most vinyl-backed garage doors have an R-value of between 6 and 7. R-value is the measure of resistance to heat flow through a given thickness. The higher the R-value, the greater the resistance. The advantage of a vinyl-backed garage door is that you get a combination of insulation, R-value, and money savings. The vinyl-backed door is slightly quieter than a non-insulated door as well.

Steel-backed insulated garage door

The steel-backed garage door is at the top of the line for all-around insulation, noise reduction, and smoothness of operation. The steel-backed door has the standard steel-patterned exterior like the doors in the other categories, but it also has a smooth steel interior side. The insulation is sandwiched in between the two steel outer shells. A steel-backed garage door generally has an R-value that can range from about 6 to 22 depending on the style and manufacturer. Besides having the best insulating characteristics, the steel-backed door is also known for its quiet and smooth operation. Steel-backed doors are slightly more expensive than the other door types, but we believe they are worth the investment considering the lifespan of the door should exceed 20 years. If you want more information on steel doors you can get it from here.